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Leonardo AI Releases Mobile Version: AI Art Generator App for Your Phone

Updated: Jun 29

In a monumental stride for the art world, Leonardo AI's innovative AI art generator has taken a leap onto the iOS platform. The much-anticipated iOS app is now live on the App Store, opening doors to a world of limitless artistic expression. With the power of Leonardo's AI art app, your AI creativity is accessible anytime and anywhere.

leonardoai ai art app tool

Leonardo AI: Precision and Simplicity Redefined

Gone are the days when artistry was confined to studios and desktops. With the Leonardo's AI art generator app, the same precision, speed, and simplicity you've come to love on your desktop are now at your fingertips. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned creator, this app provides you with a canvas to explore your imagination, bringing your visions to life on your iPhone or iPad.

The Features That Elevate Your Artistry

Discover a range of features that elevate your artistic endeavors to new heights:

1. Alchemy:

Witness the transformation of your ideas into reality. Leonardo AI's Alchemy feature is a brand new custom 2D image pipeline, which brings incredibly high-fidelity image generation and coherence to all existing platform models.

2. Finetuned Models:

Access a collection of meticulously crafted AI models that understand your artistic nuances. These models serve as your creative companions, enhancing your work while maintaining your distinct style.

3. Image2Image:

Witness your concepts evolve as Leonardo AI's Image2Image feature brings your imagination to life. Turn preexisting images into fully realized artworks and watch your ideas fully take shape.

4. Upscale:

Breathe new life into your artwork by upscaling it without compromising on quality. Leonardo AI's Upscale feature ensures that your creations retain their integrity and vibrancy, even when taken to larger dimensions.

5. Unzoom:

Unzoom an image to broaden the scope of your masterpiece. Leonardo AI's Unzoom feature allows you to expand upon the dimensions of your images adding depth and add detail to your creations.

6. Remove Background:

Seamlessly remove backgrounds from your images, enabling you to focus on your subjects with precision. This feature streamlines your workflow, letting you place your art in various contexts effortlessly.

leonardoai ai art app tool
source: Leonardo.AI

Embracing Convenience with Leonardo's AI Art Generator App

With the Leonardo's AI art generator app, you can express yourself with the convenience of mobile technology, allowing for on the go AI art creation. Whether you're a digital artist, an illustrator, or someone who appreciates the beauty of visual art, let the Leonardo AI app be your artistic companion. As the art world undergoes a transformative shift, LeonardoAI remains at the forefront of innovation.

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