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Meta Announces NEW Meta AI-Powered Ray Ban Smart Glasses

Updated: Jun 28

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Meta has joined forces with Ray Ban to introduce new Meta AI-powered smart glasses. This innovative product promises to redefine how we interact with the world around us. With features like hands-free interaction and live streaming capabilities, we can see how the interest is high with this soon to release product.

meta ai news smart glasses
source: Meta

Taking a Closer Look at Meta AI Smart Glasses

Microsoft and Ray Ban's collaborative effort has resulted in the creation of the first smart glasses embedded with Meta AI technology. These glasses are designed to enhance your visual experience by providing real-time information and assistance. Here are some key features mentioned in the recent announcement:

meta ai news smart glasses
source: Ray Ban

1. Multimodal Capabilities

One of the most remarkable features of these smart glasses is their multimodal capabilities. Starting from next year, a free update will be available that empowers the glasses to understand your visual context. Imagine being able to identify objects around you or instantly translate foreign languages on signs. Built in Meta AI will be able to answer questions about your surroundings in real time.

2. Step-by-Step Guidance

Need to perform a repair, but not sure where to start? These new smart glasses allow you to interact with Meta AI, which will provide detailed, step-by-step guidance. This feature quickly and efficiently helps in tackling home repairs or complex procedures.

3. Integrated 12 Megapixel Camera

Capture moments from your perspective like never before. These smart glasses come equipped with a built-in 12-megapixel camera, allowing you to record your surroundings effortlessly. This feature opens up a number of possibilities, including live streaming directly to platforms like Facebook or Twitch. Share your experiences in real-time with friends and followers from your exact point of view.

4. Private Wearable Speakers

Enjoy an immersive audio experience without disturbing those around you. The smart glasses feature built-in speakers that only the wearer can hear. This ensures that you can stay connected to your digital world while maintaining privacy in public spaces.

Availability and Pricing

The Meta AI-powered smart glasses are set to hit the market on October 17th of this year, and they are available for pre-order at a price point of $299. Whether you prefer them as sunglasses or prescription glasses, the choice is yours. The lenses themselves offer no special features, ensuring a seamless transition into your everyday style.

meta ai news smart glasses

This amazing Meta news represents a significant milestone in wearable technology. These smart glasses are the first of their kind to ship with Meta AI, offering a truly hands-free interaction experience. You can ask questions, seek information, and receive responses seamlessly, making them an great innovative tool to look forward too.

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