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Midjourney for Slack: Create AI Images Directly in Your Workspace

Updated: Jun 29

Are you ready to take your Slack experience to the next level? With Midjourney's unofficial port for Slack, you can now unleash the power of AI to create stunning images right in your workspace. Express your creative ideas effortlessly and collaborate with your team in real-time, all without leaving Slack.

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How to Get Started

1. Add the MJ Slack Bot: Click the "Add to Slack" button above to add the MJ Slack Bot to your workspace.

2. Type /info: In any channel, type /info to set up the bot. Once everything is ready, the bot will respond.

3. Start Creating with /imagine: Type /imagine followed by a description of the image you want to create. For example, try /imagine a dog at the beach.

AI Slack Features

ai slack midjourney art

Create Together in Real-time

Collaborate seamlessly with your team, create AI images together, and get instant feedback and approvals—all within Slack.

No More App Switching

Midjourney for Slack is fully integrated, eliminating the need to switch between different apps for image creation.

Uninterrupted Focus

Stay focused on your creations without distractions. Enjoy a clutter-free workspace dedicated to your artistic endeavors.

Familiar Commands

No learning curve! MJ Slack Bot uses the same commands as Midjourney on Discord, making it easy to get started.

Compliance Made Easy

No need for additional approvals or messaging apps. Use MJ Slack Bot directly in your company's Slack workspace.

Have Fun, Get Creative

Who said work can't be fun? Engage your team with custom images and let your creativity shine.


With Midjourney for Slack, the power of AI is at your fingertips, revolutionizing your creative process. Start generating stunning images and witness the magic unfold within your workspace. You can upgrade to a paid plan for more image generations, but the first 5 creations are absolutely free.

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If you'd like to know more you can head over to for a curated collection of today's most popular, most liked AI artwork from across the internet. Plus explore an extensive array of AI tools, complemented by comprehensive guides and reviews, on our AI blog.


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