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Playground AI Announces Mixed Image Editing: Create and Edit Like a Pro

Updated: Jun 29

Playground AI just announced their Mixed Image Editing, an innovative feature that allows users to seamlessly combine real and AI generated images to produce breathtaking works of art and photorealistic visuals. With Playground AI's new collaborative Canvas editor, artists gain enhanced control by layering multiple edits to achieve more nuanced and fine-grained changes.

ai generated art playground editor
image: Playground

Features and Advantages

The beauty of Mixed Image Editing also lies in its ability to merge multiple elements into a single captivating image. Whether it's cutting out an image of a bear, placing it within a lush forest background, or manipulating edge and depth masks, Playground AI empowers users to create compelling compositions with precision. Furthermore, the inclusion of Multi-layer Mixed Image Editing in Playground AI allows the freedom to make subtle and intricate edits. By going beyond simple prompts, users can explore the full potential of auto-segmentation, enabling them to effortlessly edit any component of the image. The collaborative nature of the Canvas editor further amplifies creativity by facilitating teamwork and enabling artists to build upon each other's edits, fostering a dynamic and immersive creative process.

As Playground AI harnesses the capabilities of multiple powerful AI models, it offers a glimpse into the transformative future of graphics. These advancements not only redefine the creative process but also illustrate the remarkable progress being made in the field of AI generated art.

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