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10 Hottest AI Job Positions in 2024 - Roles, Responsibilities & Salaries

Updated: Apr 30

AI technology is advancing rapidly, creating a surge in demand for professionals with specialized AI skills. The global AI employment market is projected to reach over a staggering $6 billion by 2028. In this highly competitive landscape, having a deep understanding of a specific AI domain is more valuable than broad, general knowledge.

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Here are the 10 hottest AI positions to explore in 2024, along with their roles, responsibilities, and potential salaries:

1. AI Product Manager

Median Salary: $115,000 (Source: Glassdoor)

An AI product manager leads cross-functional teams in developing and launching AI products. While similar to other program managers, AI product managers need a deeper technical understanding of AI components like hardware, programming languages, data sets, and algorithms. Notable companies hiring for this role include Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

2. AI Research Scientist

Median Salary: $135,000 (Source: Paysa)

AI research scientists study and develop new AI algorithms and techniques. They collaborate with other researchers, publish papers, and present at conferences. Unlike most tech roles, AI research scientists typically require graduate degrees in computer science, mathematics, or statistics from top universities like MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon.

3. AI Ethics Specialist

Median Salary: $90,000 (Source: ZipRecruiter)

With increasing concerns over ethical AI development, companies like DeepMind and Microsoft are hiring dedicated AI ethics specialists. These professionals develop ethical guidelines, review AI projects for ethical compliance, and may report findings to AI ethics committees comprising lawyers, engineers, ethicists, and business strategists.

4. Cybersecurity Analyst with AI Expertise

Median Salary: $100,000 (Source: Indeed)

As both legitimate organizations and threat actors leverage AI for cybersecurity, specialists proficient in AI and cybersecurity are in high demand. Companies like Cisco, IBM, and FireEye are hiring AI cybersecurity analysts to combat threats like ransomware using AI techniques.

5. Computer Vision Engineer

Median Salary: $130,000 (Source: Paysa)

Computer vision engineers develop software for systems that visually perceive and understand the world around them, such as self-driving cars and facial recognition. They use languages like C++ and Python along with visual sensors from companies like Intel's Mobileye. Apple, Google, and NVIDIA are actively hiring computer vision talent.

6. Data Scientist

Median Salary: $120,000 (Source: Glassdoor)

Data scientists collect, analyze, and interpret data to drive decision-making. They apply techniques like data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning. While not always coding-intensive, data scientists create applications and data visualizations. Major employers include Amazon, Microsoft, and JPMorgan Chase.

7. Machine Learning Engineer

Median Salary: $140,000 (Source: Hired)

Machine learning engineers develop and implement machine learning training algorithms and models - the most computation-intensive aspect of AI/ML. Due to the high mathematics and statistics requirements, most ML engineers have advanced degrees and continue specialized training through certifications from providers like DeepLearning AI.

8. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer

Median Salary: $125,000 (Source: Paysa)

NLP engineers develop algorithms that enable machines to understand human language, a core capability of conversational AI assistants like ChatGPT. Unlike traditional search engines, generative AI models create new content to answer queries conversationally. Major NLP employers include Google, Amazon, and Apple.

9. Robotics Engineer

Median Salary: $95,000 (Source: Glassdoor)

Robotics engineers design and test software to control robotic systems like automated home cleaners and surgical robots. They integrate AI/ML capabilities and require strong hardware skills to debug both software and robotic components. Top employers include Boston Dynamics, iRobot, and Intuitive Surgical.

10. AI for Healthcare Specialist

Median Salary: $115,000 (Source: Glassdoor)

Healthcare is a uniquely challenging domain for applied AI due to data privacy concerns. AI healthcare specialists bridge the technological and medical worlds, developing AI solutions compliant with regulations like HIPAA. Potential employers span hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and health tech startups.

In summary, the AI job market is booming with opportunities for professionals specializing in domains like product management, research, ethics, cybersecurity, computer vision, data science, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, and healthcare. Employers are willing to pay premium salaries for candidates combining AI expertise with deep domain knowledge in these AI positions.

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