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Adobe Announces New Text to Vector in Illustrator

Updated: Jun 28

In a groundbreaking move, Adobe has introduced a game-changing feature to its Illustrator suite: Text to Vector Graphic. This innovative tool, powered by Adobe's Firefly generative AI, allows designers to effortlessly transform simple text prompts into fully editable, infinitely scalable vector graphics.

adobe text to vector illustrator
source: Adobe

The Creative Freedom of Text to Vector

adobe text to vector illustrator

With Text to Vector, Adobe empowers designers to swiftly create illustrations with unprecedented ease. A concise description is all that's needed to generate customizable icons, scenes, and patterns. What's more, you can use your existing artwork as a reference, ensuring that your new vectors seamlessly align with your established style.

Tailored Design Solutions

adobe text to vector illustrator

Text to Vector offers a range of output options, enabling designers to fine-tune their results for specific design outcomes. Whether you require a minimalist logo or a bold motif for packaging, this tool has you covered. Choose from Scene, Subject, Icon, or Pattern outputs to craft the perfect vector graphic for your project.

Unlocking Design Inspiration

adobe text to vector illustrator

Starting a new project? Elevate your creative process by assembling a moodboard with images generated using Text to Vector Graphic. This feature not only expedites the design process but also offers an excess of inspiration. Text to Vector makes it effortless to explore a diverse range of graphics in various styles, themes, and color palettes.

Adobe's Text to Vector in Illustrator is HUGE for designers seeking efficiency and creative freedom with AI art creation. This tool streamlines the design process while preserving the ability to make every graphic uniquely yours by being able to fully customize the final outcome of your AI images.

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