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AI 3D Model Generator: Create Assets with Mesh, Textures, and Animations

Updated: Jun 28

3D artistry is a painstaking process however Masterpiece X is trying to remove barriers to creating awe-inspiring 3D assets with their new AI 3D model generator. Imagine bringing your creative visions to life, effortlessly shaping meshes, textures, and animations, all with just a few keystrokes. This new AI tool streamlines the 3D design landscape, getting rid of the need for complicated software or specialized skills. Here's a closer look at Masterpiece X and how it works.

AI 3D Model Generator Basics

Masterpiece X goes beyond mere creation; it offers compatibility with popular game engines and applications such as Unreal, Unity and Blender. This ensures that your AI generated 3D models can seamlessly find a home in your preferred digital ecosystem. And this can be done with No hardware requirements, no software installations, and no demanding skill prerequisites.

AI 3D Model Generator
source: Masterpiece X

Step 1:

Get started with Masterpiece X by choosing whether you want to craft a human, object, or animal 3D model. The journey begins with a simple decision that sets the stage for your creative endeavor.

Step 2:

Describe the essence of your envisioned 3D model in just 1-5 words. This simple description forms the blueprint that Masterpiece X will work from.

Step 3:

With a brief sentence, convey the visual aesthetics you desire for your 3D model. This step adds the finishing touches, turning a conceptual idea into a vivid mental image.

Step 4:

The AI-powered engine of Masterpiece X will then bring your 3D model to life. The generated results serve as both an inspiration for further creations and a testament to the boundless potential of AI-generated art.

Elevate Your AI Generated 3d Models

For those looking to further refine their AI generated 3D models, Masterpiece X offers a VR app exclusively for Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets. This app introduces a suite of tools to take your creations to the next level.

AI 3D model generator

- Mesh Tools: Refine the shape of your model with ease, adding that extra touch of perfection.

- Texture Tools: Elevate your model's appearance with high-quality materials, infusing it with unique details that match your imaginative vision.

- Animation Made Simple: Bring your model to life with intuitive animation tools. Create from scratch or remix existing animations from the Community Library.

AI 3D modeling has already come a long way in just a short time and this new AI 3D model generator stands at the forefront of this technology. Being the first AI 3D model generator to enable the creation of assets with mesh, textures and animations more than anything allows for the further refinement of basic models. Masterpiece X is creating a great starting point to help speed up the 3D asset creation process.

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