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Create AI Animated Videos Easily with Free Text-to-Video Generator

Updated: Jun 10

A new AI animated video generator has jumped onto the scene and is producing some amazing results.'s text-to-video generative AI model has an easy to use prompt interface much like Midjourney allowing users to create cinematic and AI animated videos from simple text prompts. Let's take a quick look at Moonvalley and how to use this incredible new AI tool.

Moonvalley: Illuminating Features

Moonvalley is a new text-to-video AI model that empowers users to bring their ideas to life through captivating AI animated videos. With just a few keystrokes, Moonvalley interprets your text prompts and transforms them into visually stunning animations.

ai animated text to video art

Style Support

Moonvalley currently supports five different styles to choose from, comic book, fantasy, anime/manga, realism and 3D animation. This allowing you to explore different artistic avenues and experiment with a range of visual aesthetics.

Community-Driven Inspiration

Become part of the Moonvalley community and be inspired by a gallery of trending videos created by fellow artists and enthusiasts. This offers users a better understanding of what prompts to use and Moonvally's current capabilities.

Navigating Moonvalley: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Join the Moonvalley Discord Community

2. Navigate to one of the #new-moon channels dedicated to video generation.

3. Type `/create` in the command prompt, followed by your desired prompt for the video.

ai animated text to video prompt

4. Choose from a list of styles including comic book, fantasy, anime/manga, realism, and 3D animation. As well as the duration of the video.

5. Now press 'Enter' and wait. Once your video has finished rendering, Moonvalley will notify you. If you have a hard time finding your video, use the search bar for a mention of your username.

As you can see the results are rather impressive, generating a smooth AI animated video. However, as with any AI generative tool, perfection may require a few attempts. Don't be discouraged by initial results. Experiment, and refine your prompts to achieve your desired results.

In conclusion, Moonvalley is a great new addition to the AI animated text-to-video generators that already exist. It's helping to push forward and enhance the quality of AI animated video capabilities. This along with its ease of use, definitely makes worth trying.

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