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AI Tattoo Generator: The Best Way to Generate Tattoo Ideas

Updated: May 30

If you're looking for unique tattoo designs, AI tattoo generator sites are rapidly becoming a go-to resource for quickly coming up with one of a kind tattoo ideas. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, these innovative artificial intelligence tools can generate an endless array of personalized AI tattoo designs tailored to your specifications – all within seconds.

AI tattoo generator tattoo girl

From floral tattoo designs to animals, symbols and text, AI tattoo generator sites can put the power to craft fully customized tattoo styles at your fingertips as well as provide great tattoo ideas in the process. Simply input your tattoo design preferences, and the AI will churn out unique concepts you won't find replicated anywhere else. Say goodbye to the days of scouring generic tattoo books, consulting with a personal tattoo artist and social media for inspiration.

Exploring the Top AI Tattoo Generator Websites

We explored the internet and uncovered the best AI tattoo generator sites available. Here are five standout options worth checking out:

1. BlackInk AI (Freemium)

AI tattoo generator BlackInk

With a sleek and user-friendly interface, our frontrunner is BlackInk's AI tattoo generator. They make it easy to craft one-of-a-kind designs in mere seconds. Their "Image-to-Stencil" feature also allows uploading your own image inspiration. The site specializes in, you guessed it, black ink tattoos making the tattoo designs easily stencil ready. BlackInk offers a free basic version along with premium paid plans.

2. ArtGuru (Free)

AI tattoo generator ArtGuru

This completely free AI tattoo generator from ArtGuru boasts an impressively robust ability to understand and interpret detailed prompts about the tattoo design you have in mind. Simply describe your vision and explore a range of on-brand concepts generated instantly. The site also offers a wide variety of popular tattoo designs to explore making it easy to discover your dream tattoo ideas.

3. Tattoos AI (Freemium)

AI tattoo generator Tattoos AI

Unlocking over 18 distinct tattoo styles, Tattoos AI is a fantastic freemium option that lets you generate as many custom tattoo designs as you'd like. If you aren't satisfied with the initial outputs, simply tweak your prompts and parameters for an entirely new batch of ideas. The site boasts close to half a million AI tattoo designs have already been generated by their tattoo maker.

4. Remaker (Free)

AI tattoo generator Remaker

A simple, straight forward AI tattoo generator, Remaker's empowers you to break free from unoriginal, replicated tattoo art. Their AI draws from billions of data points to produce fresh concepts every time. Choose from 8 different tattoo styles to create AI generated tattoos with their easy to use interface.

5. GetImg AI (Freemium)

AI tattoo generator GetImg AI

The main thing this site has going for it is that it offers Image References, allowing users to upload images and select which visual features from the reference image will be injected into the tattoo design. In addition to generating brand new tattoo designs from scratch, GetImg AI's tool also allows you to envision exactly how a tattoo would look on your body. Just upload a photo of yourself and the AI will integrate a chosen design seamlessly onto your skin.

AI Tattoo Generator Prompt Crafting

If you'd rather go straight to the source and are wondering how to craft the perfect AI tattoo generator prompt? Try these simple prompts to easily create stunning AI generated tattoo designs. I've chosen to use one of my favorite AI art generators Leonardo AI but these prompts can be used with other comparable platforms such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. To achieve the desired results start by entering this detailed prompt.

Clean Geometric Design:

"Very detailed minimalistic tattoo design of a wolf, geometric background, tattoo shading, best quality, line art, 2D illustration resolution, bold and intricate lines, high resolution, high contrast designed for visual clarity."

AI wolf tattoo designs

Vintage Sailor Jerry Style:

"Tattoo design of a dagger in vintage Sailor Jerry style, pointillism tattoo shading, vintage pointillism esthetic, colorful, best quality, line art, 2D illustration resolution, bold and intricate lines, high contrast designed for visual clarity"

AI dagger tattoo designs

Traditional Japanese Artwork:

"Masterpiece tattoo design of a traditional Japanese Koi fish, surrounded by splashing water, traditional tattoo shading, harmonious Japanese esthetic, colorful, best quality, line art, 2D illustration resolution, bold and intricate lines, high contrast designed for visual clarity"

AI koi fish tattoo designs

Feel free to replace the underlined text with whatever design theme you are looking to achieve. It is also recommended if you are using Leonardo AI, to take advantage of the new Image Guidance feature, which allows users to upload reference images to better hone in on your desired results. Also check out our guide on how to engineer AI art prompts.

The Future of AI Generated Tattoo Designs

As AI art tools continue advancing, their ability to produce incredibly realistic and detailed tattoo designs gets more and more impressive. Many of the top generators now offer advanced features like allowing you to upload reference images to guide the AI, adjusting shading and styles, placement visualization, and more.

With AI tattoo generators ushering in a new era of creative possibilities, the unique designs you can dream up are virtually limitless. So explore these innovative AI tools, have fun experimenting with different prompts and parameters, and let your wildest tattoo visions come to life through the power of AI art.

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If you'd like to know more you can head over to for a curated collection of today's most popular, most liked AI artwork from across the internet. Plus explore an extensive array of AI tools, complemented by comprehensive guides and reviews, on our AI blog.



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