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Animefy AI Art Filter: Transform Photos into Anime Style Art

Updated: May 30

Are you an anime fan who has always dreamed of being drawn in the iconic Japanese anime art style? Thanks to the rise of AI art generators, turning photos into anime style illustrations is now easier than ever before. These powerful anime AI filter tools use machine learning to analyze photos and apply stylized AI anime filter, allowing you to see yourself or others as stunningly rendered AI anime characters.

AI anime generator filters

Exploring the Top Sites to Animefy AI Art

If you want to add an AI anime filter to your images with cutting-edge AI art technology, check out these 5 best anime art generators. We'll dive into the unique features and capabilities of each platform so you can find the best fit for your anime creation needs.

1. AnimeGenius -

AI anime generator AnimeGenius

If static anime illustrations aren't enough for you, AnimeGenius offers the unique ability to animate your AI-generated anime art with the click of a button. Their powerful anime AI generator first lets you create stunning anime characters, scenes, or self-portraits. Then, the platform's animation tools can automatically transform those still renders into subtly moving animations and videos.

In addition to animation, AnimeGenius provides an advanced image-to-image mode that allows you to generate anime interpretations from any photo you provide as a starting point. This hybrid human+AI creation process unlocks limitless possibilities for original anime character design.

2. getimg AI -

AI anime generator getimgai

getimg ai stands out as a versatile Anime AI art generator with over 60 community-trained models spanning diverse styles from photorealism to anime. Their anime style AI models let you easily convert any photo into vibrant anime artwork with just a few clicks.

One of getimg ai's biggest strengths is its advanced settings that provide greater creative control. You can fine-tune your anime art generations using parameters like dynamic prompts, negative prompts to remove unwanted elements, and even AI-powered image editing tools like background replacement.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned digital artist, getimg ai's intuitive interface makes it easy to animefy your photos straightforward. Simply upload your image, choose an anime model, and let the anime AI art generator work its magic.

3. MyEdit -

AI anime generator MyEdit

MyEdit is a comprehensive AI art generator suite that includes a best-in-class anime art creation tool. With 23 unique anime styles to choose from including fantasy themes like Santa, Zombie, and Cyberpunk, MyEdit empowers you to animefy any photo while specifying your desired aesthetics.

What makes MyEdit particularly well-suited for anime art is its integrated photo editing capabilities. After generating your anime illustration, you can use tools like background removal, background replacement, cropping, and more to perfect the final composition before sharing your stunning anime art masterpiece.

MyEdit offers a generous free tier that gives you 3 free anime AI art generations per day. And if you opt for a paid subscription, you'll get unlimited daily anime art generations and other premium features.

4. ZMOai -

AI anime generator ZMOai

ZMOai's AI anime art generator specializes in highly realistic anime art renditions by offering advanced customization options. You can choose from over 50 distinct AI anime filters to precisely dial in the illustrated style and aesthetic you want for your animefy photos.

This anime AI art platform leverages sophisticated algorithms to capture nuanced details lacking in other anime AI generators. ZMOai's anime filters excel at replicating the depth, textures, dynamic linework, and vivid coloring that characterize Japanese animation.

While the base ZMOai plan is free, you can unlock higher resolution output and additional tools by upgrading to a paid subscription. For professional artists and anime design projects, ZMOai's uncompromising customization and quality make it a top choice.

5. Canva's Free Anime AI Generator

AI anime generator Canva

For casual AI anime art generation needs, Canva provides a completely free AI anime art generator called Magic Media. While not as robust as some paid options, Canva lets you transform any photo into anime style artwork using a simple text prompt interface.

Canva's AI anime filters capture the vibrant color palette and iconic character proportions that define the anime aesthetic. Once you've created your anime art, you can further refine it using Canva's built-in photo editing tools.

The key benefit of Canva's free AI anime generator is its accessibility - no subscription or fees are required to start animefying your photos today. It's a great entry point for anime fans looking to easily experiment with AI-generated anime art.

AI Anime Art Prompt Engineering

If these options aren't cutting it, you can always try entering this prompt into your preferred AI art generator. I highly recommend using one of my favorite AI art generators Leonardo AI in order to take advantage of the Image Guidance feature, however the prompt can be used with other comparable platform such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. Start by entering this detailed prompt:

AI Prompt:

"Masterpiece, best quality, hand drawn 2D illustration of a fantasy female character wearing light armor with Art Nouveau flair, synthwave and Art Nouveau hybrid style, bold and intricate lines, balanced composition mixing futuristic synthwave elements with organic Art Nouveau designs, full body, dynamic 2d fantasy style, neon-like outline effects reminiscent of modern stained glass, logo work, high resolution, high contrast designed for visual clarity."

*The underlined portion can be changed to fit you specific needs.

Negative AI Prompt:

"(worst quality, low quality:1.4), oversimplification, terrestrial landscapes, monotone colors, static composition, disproportioned, misshapen, disfigured body, disfigured hands, extra limbs, extra heads, extra characters, text"

Here are the results:

AI anime art filter cosmic anime girl

Make sure to upload a reference photo into the Image Guidance settings to achieve the desired anime filter effect. You can always try tweaking these settings as well as adding in further image guidance as needed. With these prompts and settings, Leonardo AI will generate a beautiful anime character. Check out our more in-depth guide on How to Create AI Anime Art.

AI Anime Art Moving Forward

With these top 5 anime AI art generators, seeing yourself rendered as a stylized anime character is now just a few clicks away. Whether you want ultra-realistic results, advanced animation capabilities, comprehensive editing suites, maximum customization, or a quick free anime transformation, there's an AI anime art tool tailored to your needs.

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If you'd like to know more you can head over to for a curated collection of today's most popular, most liked AI artwork from across the internet. Plus explore an extensive array of AI art tools, complemented by comprehensive guides and reviews, on our AI blog.



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