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How to Generate an Accurate AI Color Palette Within Your Art

Tips on how to control the color palette used when generating AI art. Understanding color theory and how it applies to crafting prompts.

artificial intelligence color palette cosmic girl

Mastering the art of color theory is not just a pursuit for traditional artists; it's a crucial skill for those venturing into the world of AI-generated masterpieces. So, is there a way to exert control over what color palette is used when generating AI art?

The Basics of Color Theory

Color theory is the science and art of using colors to create a visual impact. It encompasses the color wheel, which is a fundamental tool that helps artists and AI enthusiasts alike understand the relationships between colors. Knowing color harmonies and how they pertain to the Art you are trying to generate can help bridge the gap between traditional color theory and AI art, allowing you to produce the results you desire.

ai color theory

Manual Influence on AI Color Palettes

Take control of the color narrative in your AI art by injecting manual prompts. Defining your own color palette by specifying desired colors for distinct elements within the prompt is extremely helpful but can also be problematic. Strategically input prompts like "Red hair" and "Green shirt" to influence the color choices may create color spills. Understand that AI's color effects can spill beyond their origins into the rest of the image. So the impact of manual skill palettes, where the order of colors dictates dominance, will further allow you to shape the canvas according to your artistic intent.

Defining Your Artificial Intelligence Color Palette

Utilizing terms like analogous, complementary, and tetradic colors can be somewhat elusive if not specifically defined, turning your color selection into a lucky draw. Combing these terms alongside the precision of manually added color details will further lock in exactly what you want to see.

Additionally, employing phrases like "cosmic colors", "pastel shades," or even "sunset" and "moonlight" can effectively summon a specific color palette into your artwork. Keep in mind the importance of specificity; while art generators recognize numerous color names, selecting overly complex or ambiguous terms could lead to unintended results. For instance, using "orange" might not only change the color but could also introduce the fruit into your artwork.

Here are some examples of interesting color palettes I was able to achieve when generating art with the proper descriptive terms added.

artificial intelligence color palette example cosmic
  • cosmic colors, astral glow, vivid textures, ethereal luminescence, stellar radiance

artificial intelligence color palette example gold leaf
  • vivid colors transitioning to greyish purples, rich textures, high contrast, darker atmosphere, Gustav Klimt gold leaf, ethereal glow

artificial intelligence color palette example toxic
  • toxic environment, rich textures, high contrast, vivid bright greens set against darker atmosphere, murky swamp, ethereal glow

Top AI Color Palette Generators to Explore

If you are struggling for inspiration here's a list of some AI options to help you find the perfect colors for your AI art.

1. Huemint (Free):

Huemint leverages machine learning to generate colors tailored for graphic design projects. Unlike most tools that provide a flat set of colors, Huemint intelligently suggests hues based on their intended purpose within the final design. It understands which colors should be used for backgrounds, foregrounds, and accents, ensuring a cohesive and contextual palette. To get started, simply select a design template and click the generate button. Additionally, Huemint allows you to preview your AI-generated color palette on various product mockups like t-shirts, logos, and packaging.

Palettemaker offers a fresh approach to generating color palettes with AI. This unique tool enables creative professionals and color enthusiasts to craft unique color schemes and instantly visualize them within pre-made design examples across multiple creative fields, including logo design, UI/UX, patterns, and posters. Palettemaker's visually stunning website provides a wide array of fun templates, allowing you to see how your color palette would look when implemented in real-world designs.

3. Colormind (Free):

Colormind is a deep learning-powered color scheme generator that draws inspiration from photographs, movies, and popular artworks. Its algorithm learns color styles from these diverse datasets, which are updated daily, ensuring a continuous stream of fresh color inspiration. In addition to generating palettes, Colormind offers free color palette templates from Creative Tim that users can download and customize with their own CSS styles.

4. AI Colors (Free):

AI Colors is an AI-powered color palette generator that allows users to create cool and unique color combinations. With its streamlined and user-friendly interface, you can browse, edit, and visualize your color palettes, instantly seeing how they would appear within a business template format. This feature provides a practical preview of how your chosen palette might translate into real-world applications.

Canva's Color Palette Generator is the easiest way to extract color schemes from your favorite images. If you desire a color palette that perfectly complements a specific photograph, simply upload the image, and the generator will analyze the hues present to create a matching palette. Once generated, you can seamlessly implement this unique AI color palette directly into Canva's editing tools and templates.

The Problem with Hex Codes

For those seeking specific color codes, understand that most are not identified by the AI art generators algorithm. Opt for specifying color names in prompts rather than HEX or RGB codes. Utilize post-generation tools like to identify codes and refine color palettes by simply uploading your finished work directly to the site.


Mastering artificial intelligence color palettes involves a harmonious blend of color theory, manual influence, and an understanding of AI's intricacies. Hopefully this article will help you navigate the fascinating intersection of theory and control, creating visually stunning and color-aligned AI-generated masterpieces.

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