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How to Accurately Generating Text Using Leonardo's ControlNet AI

Updated: Jun 22

Today we take a look a how to effectively generate text in Leonardo AI by utilizing ControlNet AI. This technique was originally detailed by Moderator Dimo in the tips-and-tricks section of the Discord server. Let's get started!

A Quick Step-by-Step

Step 1: Image Preparation

Ensure your text and sketch (if applicable) have clear lines and a high contrast. Opt for black letters/lines on a white background for best results. If using an image with pre-existing text, ensure it is large and contrasting to avoid unpredictable outcomes.

ai generated scetch controlnet

Step 2: Image to Image

Add your prepared image to the designated field for Image to Image processing.

ai generated image controlnet prompt

Step 3: Image Dimensions

Pay attention to the aspect ratio of the added image. Maintain the aspect ratio when adjusting dimensions to ensure correct stretching of the final image.

ai generated controlnet image dimensions

Step 4: Activate ControlNet AI

Enable ControlNet AI and select the Edge to Image option.

ai generated controlnet

Step 5: Weight Value

Set the weight value between 0.7-0.9 to avoid an outline effect on objects and text. Feel free to experiment with different values to achieve your desired outcome.

ai generated controlnet weight

Step 6: Prompt and Model

Choose a model and craft your prompt. It can be as detailed or concise as you like, allowing for creative freedom. Ignore the dimensions of the model image (refer to Step 3).

ai generated controlnet model prompt

Step 7: Generate

Click the Generate button to initiate the text generation process. Enjoy the results of your creative endeavor!

ai generated controlnet cyberpunk storefront

By following the step-by-step process outlined, you can effectively generate accurate text for your images that aligns with your vision. ControlNet AI empowers users to utilize as a free AI text generator further improving on the capabilities of this amazing platform.

ai art kingdom banner

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