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Leonardo AI Realtime Canvas: A Real-Time Generative AI Art Tool

Updated: May 23

In the ever-evolving world of AI art, Leonardo AI has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature that is set to revolutionize the way artists and creatives interact with image generation technology. Realtime Canvas, a real-time generative AI art tool, offers an immersive and intuitive creative experience that feels as natural as painting on a digital canvas.

Leonardo AI Live Canvas

Realtime Canvas: Changing Creative Expression

At its core, Realtime Canvas is designed to convert your drawings into stunning artworks almost instantly, bridging the gap between your imagination and visual reality. This innovative tool allows you to take the driver's seat of creativity, providing you with the tools to instantaneously transform your ideas into captivating visuals.

Enhanced Color Control and Real-Time Ideation

Leonardo AI Live Canvas example

One of the standout features of Realtime Canvas is its ability to grant you better control over the colors used in your artwork. By adjusting the Creativity Strength slider, you can dictate how closely the AI adheres to your sketch. Lower Creativity Strength settings will result in outputs that closely follow your strokes and color choices.

Realtime Canvas also excels at real-time ideation. Whether you start with simple splashes of color or rough sketches, this powerful tool can transform your initial input into detailed artworks. You can even include a text prompt to guide the AI's interpretation or let Realtime Canvas freely interpret your sketch without any additional prompts.

Seamless Image Editing and Integration

Leonardo AI Live Canvas example

Realtime Canvas not only allows you to create stunning artworks from scratch but also offers powerful image editing capabilities. With the Output to Input feature, you can refine and enhance your generated artworks further by using them as a new canvas and sketching on top of them. This feedback loop enables constant editing and refinement, ensuring that your creative vision is fully realized.

Moreover, Realtime Canvas allows you to upload your own artwork or images, seamlessly integrating them into the creative process. The Remove Background tool makes it easy to integrate these images into your canvas by quickly removing their backgrounds with a single click.

Comprehensive Tools and Settings

Leonardo AI Live Canvas settings

Leonardo AI has equipped Realtime Canvas with a comprehensive set of tools and settings to cater to various artistic preferences and styles. The Realtime Canvas Editor offers an intuitive interface where you can easily choose your brush size, color, undo brushstrokes, or use the eraser tool for precise editing.

The Realtime Gen tool is a new addition that allows you to add image elements without manually drawing them by using text prompts. This feature opens up new possibilities for incorporating specific elements into your artwork with ease.

Other notable settings include the Guidance Strength Control, which lets you adjust how closely your artwork aligns with the text prompt, and the Use Fixed Seed Option, which maintains consistency in your creations or allows you to explore variations by adjusting the seed used for image generation.

For those seeking premium quality, Leonardo AI offers the High Quality feature (a premium option), which increases the output resolution to 640×640 pixels and boosts the overall quality at a slight expense of performance.

Style Presets: Effortless Artistic Expression

Realtime Canvas also offers a range of Style Presets, allowing you to quickly apply specific styles to your creations without the need for complex prompts. This feature enables effortless and distinct artistry, catering to a wide range of artistic preferences and styles.

Post-Processing Options: Refine and Upscale

Leonardo AI has integrated several post-processing options to further enhance your artworks. The Instant Refine feature refines the output within the canvas and increases its resolution to 1024×1024 pixels, providing a detailed and high-quality result.

The Upscale Image option saves your output image to your Personal Feed while also running the Alchemy Refiner on it based on your chosen settings, ensuring a polished and refined final product.

Smooth Mode: Improving Image Coherence

For those seeking improved overall image coherence and better rendering of hands, faces, and airbrushed or vector-style images, Realtime Canvas offers the Smooth Mode. This mode has a tendency to eradicate fine details, making it more suitable for certain styles that prioritize coherence over intricate details.


With its innovative features, intuitive tools, and comprehensive settings, Leonardo AI's Realtime Canvas is poised to redefine the AI art experience. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a creative novice, this real-time generative AI art tool offers endless possibilities for artistic expression, color control, seamless image editing, and effortless style integration. At the very least, it is extremely fun to play around with! Check out our Ultimate Leonardo AI Guide to Creating AI Art Like a Pro.

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