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NEW Leonardo AI Update Introduces Free Upscaler & Transparency Mode

Updated: Jun 27

Leonardo AI's new free Universal Upscaler is an innovative AI tool that allows users to elevate the quality and resolution of any image, whether sourced from within the app or uploaded from your own device.

leonardo ai upscaler blog
source: Leonardo AI
leonardo ai upscaler blog

In today's visually-driven world, high-quality images are essential for captivating audiences and delivering professional results. Leonardo AI has introduced its own versatile free AI upscaler within its app that offers a suite of customizable settings, granting users full control over the upscaling process. Users can conveniently access this new feature from the main page's sidebar, which opens a dedicated interface allowing them to upload any image of their choice for upscaling.

New Levels of Visual Quality

Leonardo AI's new Universal Upscaler is specifically dedicated to elevating your visuals. The addition of this AI tool enables users to further upscale images, photos, illustrations, and drawings with greater detail and control then Leonardo AI's original upscaling option. Customize settings like creativity strength, upscaler style, and multiplier to precisely tailor the upscaling process. The upscaler styles currently include: 2D Art & Illustration, Cinematic and CG Art & Game Assets.

Seamlessly upload or select images taken from previously generated images on the platform or images from your own device. Enhance your upscaled output even further by optionally entering text prompts to guide the AI's focus. Finally, scrutinize before-and-after differences, browse your upscaled image carousel, and download your reimagined visuals with newly added clarity and resolution.

To test the capabilities of the free upscaler, I took one of my previously generated images and applied just a general upscale. As evident from the before-and-after images below, the results showcased a dramatic enhancement in detail and clarity.

leonardo ai upscaler blog
leonardo ai upscaler blog

Cost and Compatibility

The current base cost to use the Universal Upscaler is 30 tokens, supported image file formats include .jpeg, .png, and webp, with output files delivered in .jpeg format and 8-bit colorspace.

Generate Images with Transparent Backgrounds

Leonardo AI's latest update introduces Transparency, a new feature designed to streamline the generation of images with transparent backgrounds. By activating Transparency mode in the left sidebar of Image Generation, users can effortlessly create transparent images, eliminating the need for time-consuming background removal.

Compatible with both SDXL and SD1.5 based models, Transparency ensures pristine visuals right from the start. For optimal results, disable Alchemy and adjust Element strength, while crafting prompts that avoid references to backgrounds or environments.

leonardo ai transparency blog

Other Major Features

  • Realtime Canvas Background Removal: Effortlessly remove backgrounds from any image input, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

  • Realtime Gen Integration: Instantly generate images within the Realtime Canvas, facilitating seamless workflow integration and rapid prototyping.

Minor Features

  • Sparklecore Element: Embrace the Y2K glitter style with ease, adding a touch of sparkle to your visuals for an extra dose of flair.

This update reinforces Leonardo AI's position as a leading AI art generator, empowering users to enhance their images, photos, illustrations, and drawings with its advanced features. Stay tuned for future updates as we remain committed to tracking the evolution of this remarkable AI art platform.

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