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Marvel Studios Utilizes AI Generated Art for Secret Invasion Opening Sequence

Updated: Jun 29

ai generated art
Credit: Marvel/Disney

AI in Entertainment

Marvel Studios continues to push the boundaries of creativity and technology with its latest TV series, Secret Invasion. The highly anticipated show, starring Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as Nick Fury, incorporates AI generated imagery for the title cards in the opening sequence of each episode. Method Studios, a renowned VFX and motion graphics subdivision of Company 3, was credited as the creators of the Secret Invasion main title sequence, with real human artists collaborating on the project.

ai generated art

Method Studios, known for its contributions to blockbuster films like Spider-Man: Far From Home and Avengers: Infinity War, brought their expertise to the table once again. The company's impressive portfolio also includes notable works in movies such as Top Gun: Maverick, Blade Runner 2049, and Elvis.

In an interview with Polygon, Ali Selim, director and executive producer of Secret Invasion, confirmed that Method Studios employed AI generated art to design the opening titles. This decision was driven by the desire to reflect the show's themes, which revolve around shapeshifting aliens known as Skrulls masquerading as humans. The use of AI as a creative medium draws parallels to how AI can sometimes convincingly imitate human creativity or produce impressions of humanity. Marvel Studios sought to capture this essence in the series' opening sequence.

ai generated art

Interestingly, prominent figures within Marvel's moviemaking operation predict that AI will inevitably disrupt the filmmaking industry. Joe Russo, co-director of Marvel's highest-grossing films, including Avengers: Endgame, expressed his belief during a panel discussion with Collider earlier this year that AI will be capable of creating a feature film within the next two years. Russo's involvement in several AI companies further underscores the growing influence and potential of AI in the realm of visual storytelling.

Final Thoughts

Marvel Studios' integration of AI generated art in Secret Invasion showcases their willingness to embrace cutting-edge technologies and explore new creative avenues. By collaborating with Method Studios and leveraging AI's capabilities, the series sets a precedent for blending human artistic vision with technological advancements. As AI continues to push forward, we can anticipate further experimentation and innovation in the world of entertainment, creating exciting possibilities for future storytelling.

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