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Microsoft's Version of Canva: Designer Uses Generative AI

Updated: Jun 29

Microsoft introduces its version of Canva with Microsoft Designer, a powerful tool that leverages generative AI technology to enable users, regardless of their design background, to bring their ideas to life. By simply describing what they want, users can receive unique and high-quality graphics, accompanied by relevant text and design suggestions. The tool also helps with creating engaging captions and hashtags for social media posts. Additionally, Designer allows for easy customization and resizing of designs, with support for up to 20 different social media layout sizes.

generative ai microsoft designer
Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designers Upcoming Features

Polishing your design is crucial to bringing your ideas to fruition. Microsoft Designer introduces upcoming features like Fill, Expand background, Erase, and Replace background to help you refine your creations with ease.

  • For graphics requiring specific additions in a corner, utilize Fill in Microsoft Designer. Simply circle the desired area and swiftly place the object you want with AI assistance, instantly enhancing your design.

  • Enhance the composition of your picture with Expand background in Microsoft Designer. Leveraging AI, this feature automatically fills in the surrounding areas, creating a captivating landscape that beautifully frames your image.

  • Effortlessly remove unwanted objects or people from your graphics using the Erase feature in Microsoft Designer. With a simple brush stroke, you can erase undesired elements and automatically generate a replacement image to fill the space seamlessly.

  • Escape your home office and transport yourself to the beach with ease using the Replace background feature in Microsoft Designer. Swiftly remove your current background and replace it with the scenic backdrop of your choice, bringing your imagination to life.

generative ai microsoft designer

Additionally you can elevate your designs with captivating animations in Microsoft Designer. Instantly breathe life into your creations by incorporating animated backgrounds, emotive visuals, and seamlessly transitioning text, all powered by AI technology.

Enhanced Workflow with Designer

The integration of Designer within the Microsoft Edge browser further enhances the creative workflow. With Designer in Edge's native integration, users can access the app directly from the Edge sidebar, making it the first browser with an integrated, AI-powered graphic design application. Users can seamlessly create unique designs without leaving their current web page, making it convenient and efficient.

The updated version of the Microsoft Designer app is currently available to preview for free, providing users with early access to these new features.

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