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Midjourney v6 Alpha News: Now Available for Select Users

Updated: Jun 27

Midjourney, one of the most well known and widely used platforms for AI-generated art, has recently rolled out its highly anticipated Alpha v6 release for power users who have surpassed the 10,000-image milestone. This latest version represents a departure from the familiar confines of Discord, bringing a refreshing new look to the AI art platform.

midjourney v6 alpha banner

Breaking Free from Discord:

In a recent Twitter post, master prompt engineer Nick St. Pierre, provided a sneak peek into the Midjourney v6 alpha interface. The new platform promises a more user-friendly experience, offering a departure from traditional terms like 4k and 8k. This shift towards more natural language is aimed at making the creative process smoother and more accessible to artists and enthusiasts alike.

midjourney v6 news
source: Nick St. Pierre

Midjourney v6 External Rating Party:

According to a Twitter post by Alie Jules, to enhance the quality of its AI models, Midjourney is currently collaborating with an external rating party. This involves presenting users with sets of two images, tasking them with selecting the preferred one. This interactive approach not only refines the algorithm but also actively involves the community in shaping the artistic direction of Midjourney v6.

midjourney v6 news
source: Alie Jules

Towards the Final Release:

Excitement is building as Midjourney v6 Alpha paves the way for its full and final release, expected to hit the digital landscape soon. The platform remains a frontrunner in the realm of AI-generated art as Midjourney continues to evolve. The release of Midjourney v6 marks a pivotal moment in the platform's journeys stay tuned for the full version and to see how it will preform.

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