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Storia AI Image Editor: Replace Image Text and Backgrounds

Updated: Jun 27

While AI image generators like Midjourney, DALL·E 3, and LeonardoAI have democratized image creation, the persistent challenge remains - accurate text generation. Storia AI with its cutting-edge AI-powered image editor addresses this gap with its revolutionary Textify feature. This article delves into Storia AI, how Textify provides the ability to change or remove text effortlessly, along with its other remarkable AI image editing capabilities.

Textify: AI Image Editor That Fixes Text

Imagine having the power to correct misspelled words or change existing text in AI-generated images without breaking a sweat. With Textify, users can simply specify the desired text, and AI takes care of the rest. The AI Image Editor's ability to re-render text with the right font and typeface, ensures a seamless integration that blends naturally with the image.

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Effortless Text Removal: A Storia Lab Exclusive

For those aiming to completely remove text from an image, Textify is the go-to solution. It automatically detects and removes text, irrespective of font size, color, or family, while preserving the background in pristine condition. Whether it's a subtle edit or a comprehensive removal, Textify provides unparalleled precision.

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Selective Editing: Tailoring Images to Perfection

One other unique aspect of Textify is its capability to selectively remove parts of the text. Users can explicitly mark the words they want to eliminate, leaving the rest untouched. This feature empowers users to replace existing text or correct specific misspellings seamlessly. Overlaying a new text box with desired changes is a breeze with Textify.

Storia's Diverse AI Image Editing Capabilities

Beyond Textify, Storia AI offers a plethora of features, cementing its position as an all-encompassing AI image editing tool.

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Cleanup Images

Bid farewell to the complexities of traditional image editors. Storia allows users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects, defects, or text from images. Simply mark the area to be removed, and Storia handles the rest in seconds, making image cleanup a hassle-free task.

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Background Transformation

Storia AI excels in background manipulation, offering an automatic AI background remover to create PNGs effortlessly. Moreover, users can replace image backgrounds with a single text prompt, eliminating the need for expensive product photoshoots.

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Sketch to Image

Transforming rough sketches into digital art or photorealistic images is a breeze with Storia AI. Users can upload their sketches, and Storia seamlessly fills in the details, bringing sketches to life with precision and style.

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AI Image Variations

Storia encourages creativity by enabling users to generate image variations based on a text prompt. The more options, the better, as users can reimagine and tweak their images to perfection.

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AI Image Upscaler and Vectorizer

Storia AI goes beyond basic editing with features like an AI upscaler for enhanced image resolution and vectorization. Users can enhance image quality, increase resolution up to 4K, and convert rasterized images into infinitely scalable vector images (SVG).

In conclusion, Storia AI stands out with the AI image editing capabilities of Textify solving an inherit problem in almost all AI image generators. This coupled with its suite of features catering to diverse editing needs, makes this, free to try program, an impressive new AI tool worth adding to the repertoire.

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