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How to Make Money with AI in 2024

Updated: Jun 28

Taking a look at 7 of the best ways to utilize the power of AI technology for diverse income streams in 2024.

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As we navigate through 2024, the integration of AI into various industries presents abundant opportunities to make money. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, developer, or artist, integrating AI tools into your endeavors can unlock new pathways to financial prosperity. In this guide, we'll explore seven diverse ways to make money with AI, each tailored to leverage the unique capabilities of this transformative technology.


1. Offer Writing Services with AI Writing Tools

In the digital realm, content creation reigns supreme. AI content writers, such as ChatGPT and Perplexity, have become indispensable tools for producing engaging articles, blog posts, and marketing copy. While these tools can expedite the writing process, the true mastery lies in intelligently integrating AI throughout the creative journey. From social media posts to long-form blog articles, content creators can enhance efficiency and deliver captivating narratives.

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Copywriting with AI:

The high-pressure niche of copywriting becomes even more lucrative when paired with AI. Engaging newsletters, sales-oriented landing pages, and personalized communication strategies can be optimized with the assistance of AI tools like ChatGPT. As businesses prioritize tailored content, copywriters equipped with AI expertise stand poised to meet these evolving needs.


2. Develop Apps with AI Coding Tools

In the tech-savvy era, app development offers a promising avenue for income. AI coding assistants like Copilot streamline development tasks, providing real-time suggestions, automating repetitive processes, and facilitating debugging. Whether creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or freelancing coding services, AI empowers developers to expedite the development process, from design to launch.

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No-Code App Building Tools:

Platforms like Bubble and Codeium, coupled with AI insights from ChatGPT, allow aspiring developers to create low-code apps. The key is simplicity—focus on creating a niche SaaS product that aligns with market demands. Freelancing coding services also open doors for those who prefer to offer their coding expertise on a project basis.


3. Manage Paid Advertising with AI

Digital marketing's complexity demands a deep understanding of platforms, channels, and strategies. AI marketing tools automate tasks, assist in creating campaigns, analyze results, and optimize strategies based on predictive analytics. From social media advertising to search advertising, AI enhances decision-making and amplifies results.

Social Media Advertising with AI:

Platforms like Adzooma leverage AI to analyze engagement, optimize ad delivery, and increase the effectiveness of targeted advertising. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses seeking expert assistance in reaching their target audience.

Search Advertising with AI:

In search advertising, AI tools like WordStream can streamline keyword analysis, optimize bids, and predict ad performance. The dynamic nature of AI enables digital marketers to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

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4. Freelance as a Photo Editor

AI photo enhancers such as Storia AI and Recraft revolutionize the meticulous process of professional photo editing. Freelancers collaborating with photographers or specializing in product photo editing can leverage AI tools to enhance colors, adjust lighting, and expedite the editing process.

Working with Photographers:

Photographers often seek collaboration with professional image editors. Freelancers with AI photo editing expertise can provide valuable support, allowing photographers to focus on client interactions and photoshoots.

Edit Product Photos for Ecommerce:

The rise of eCommerce has increased the demand for professional product images. AI tools aid in bulk editing, enabling graphic designers and photographers to deliver high-quality images that captivate online shoppers.

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5. Manage Social Media Brands

Social media management is a time-consuming task for business owners. AI social media management tools automate post creation, scheduling, inbox management, and analytics. This presents a lucrative opportunity for individuals to manage multiple brand social channels efficiently.

AI Social Media Video Creation and Editing:

Creating engaging social media videos is essential for businesses and influencers. AI video editing tools like Opus Clip and Twip can simplify the video creation process, enabling users to produce high-quality content in less time. This tool is particularly valuable for breaking down longer creative works into shorter clips suitable for platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

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6. Become an AI-Powered Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing, a reliable income-generating strategy, gets a competitive edge with the integration of AI. AI helps identify lucrative products, assists in video creation and email marketing, and automates internal linking. By leveraging AI for affiliate promotion, individuals can create authoritative content and build an audience over time.


7. Create and Sell AI-Generated Artwork

AI art generators like Midjourney and Leonardo AI open up new possibilities in the art industry. Artists can create unique pieces of art in minutes, exploring opportunities such as AI-generated stickers, posters, tapestries, and more. Leveraging print-on-demand services enhances the market reach, allowing artists to sell physical products with their AI-generated artwork.

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AI-Generated Stickers:

AI image generators can also enable the creation of stunning images suitable for physical stickers. Artists can collaborate with printing services like Sticker Mule to sell unique, AI-generated sticker collections. Here is a full guide on Creating Die-Cut Stickers with AI Art.

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Create Posters, Tapestries, or Wall Art with AI:

AI-generated artwork can be translated into various mediums, including posters, wall tapestries, and other décor items. Pairing AI art with print-on-demand services like Printful allows artists to sell customized products through online platforms.


The Full Potential of How to Make Money with AI

As we navigate the opportunities presented by AI in 2024, the key lies in understanding that AI is a powerful tool, not a magic solution. Integrating AI into diverse income streams requires expertise, creativity, and a focus on delivering value. Whether you're a content creator, developer, marketer, or artist, embracing the capabilities of AI can elevate your skills and open doors to new realms of financial success. The fusion of human ingenuity with AI's transformative potential creates a synergy that defines the future of income generation. In the end AI is a tool, not a get-rich-quick hack. Success comes from providing real value and leveraging AI to enhance skills and create more value in the digital landscape.

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If you'd like to know more you can head over to for a curated collection of today's most popular, most liked AI artwork from across the internet. Plus explore an extensive array of AI tools, complemented by comprehensive guides and reviews, on our AI blog.


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